Mama Kits
Mama Kits
$15 per Mama Kit

In Uganda, pregnant women are required to purchase and provide the medical supplies needed for them to deliver their child at a professional maternity hospital.

Sadly, many women simply cannot afford to purchase these items. These women are denied access to professional maternity care, forcing them to rely on traditional birthing attendants to deliver their babies at home. 

Bulamu believes that every woman deserves access to highly trained, skilled, and professional maternity care. That’s why we provide our partner maternity hospitals with “Mama Kits”, which contain the basic supplies needed during labor and delivery, such as cotton gauze, sutures, razorblades, latex gloves, and a rubber birthing sheet. 

Each “Mama Kit” costs $15. If you believe women deserve professional care too, be a lifeline today by helping us provide more “Mama Kits”. A gift of $500 will ensure a safer natural labor and delivery for 33 women and their babies.

"When I was pregnant with my 1st baby, I was denied help because I did not have a Mama Kit. With me, I had a razor blade and a small plastic paper. My husband was referred to a clinic to buy it before the nurse touched me. Thanks to Bulamu providing these Mama Kits at no cost, I'm happy the treatment is now special for us mothers"

- Zeulnce - 7 months pregnant with her second child