Maternal and Child Health Program
Maternal and Child Health Program
$10,000 per 2 Maternity Centers

If you believe that access to healthcare is an intrinsic human right, be a lifeline to women and newborns in need by making a gift of $10,000 or more.

These critical funds will support Bulamu’s integrated Maternal and Child Health program in two maternity health facilities for one year, ensuring a safer, healthier, and brighter future for thousands of Ugandan newborns whose lives depend upon public healthcare for their wellbeing.

Bulamu provides high impact, low cost public healthcare programs and services at scale. Our work is saving the lives of mothers and babies, enhancing the lives of long-suffering patients in need, and helping more Ugandans achieve true wellbeing through access to quality, dignified public healthcare. Please contact us to learn more today!


All Lifeline Center gifts are tax deductible and will be allocated to the Bulamu program they are designated to support.