Rewriting Family Medical History

Bulamu is a Lifeline to Families in Need

Thyroid disorder has touched many of the people in Milliyas’ family. When she discovered a growing lump in her own throat 3 years ago, she knew what it was, and despaired for her future.

Having seen other members of her family struggle to access the surgical care they needed to treat thyroid disease, she resigned herself to relying on traditional herbal remedies and pain medication, when she could afford it. Meanwhile, as her thyroid grew, her symptoms became worse. Increasingly she suffered from chest pain, shortness of breath, and exhaustion.

Then Milliya found Bulamu. Word of Bulamu Healthcare is spreading in Uganda. Bulamu’s reputation for caring for patients, at no cost to them, is restoring hope to families who in the past had become resigned to suffering, feeling that treatment for their conditions was beyond their ability to reach.

Each year Bulamu holds 5-7 Surgical Intensive camps; week long events where surgeons from the Association of Surgeons of Uganda, and Bulamu trained teams, provide about 300 surgeries, and refer about 20 patients to partner facilities for a higher level of care. Since 2016, Bulamu has provided 11,000 surgeries to patients in need, at no cost to them. With your help, Bulamu can do more. And we must do more.

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“For 5 years, I spent what I had on herbs, because I could not afford 3 million shillings ($825 USD) for surgery the doctor proposed,” Milliya said. Milliya comes from a family where 2 of her sisters have the same problem. When she heard of Bulamu Healthcare and the good reputation it had built in Budaka District, her family agreed to have her get surgery first. “At the moment, I am a living testimony to everyone, they are surprised that my scar is not even visible from afar,” Milliya said. “It was a wonderful experience from start to finish, from the initial phone call to the actual treatment. I am surprised by the follow up appointment Bulamu does.”

Milliya Before and After

"It was a wonderful experience from start to finish, from the initial phone call to the actual treatment."

- Milliya
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