Monica's Emergency Maternity Care

Monica gave birth to her first child in Kyegegwa Hospital, which Bulamu has worked with since 2021.

When Monica became pregnant with her second child, her husband decided to send her to his aunt’s home village to give birth because they lacked the money to pay for a “Mama Kit”, which patients are required to provide when delivering at public maternity facilities. Mama Kits contain essential supplies including latex gloves, a rubber sheet, razor blades, sutures, and cotton gauze. When women cannot afford to bring a Mama Kit with them to deliver, maternity workers are often forced to turn away laboring women because they cannot care for them safely.

When her second pregnancy proved more difficult, Monica became worried. She tried delivering at home, but quickly went into fetal distress. She needed emergency care urgently, but the first hospital she went to did not have the maternity supplies necessary for her to deliver. Bulamu Healthcare was able to provide Monica with emergency transportation to one of our partner maternity facilities, and paid for her to have an emergency C-section, saving her and her baby’s lives. Both the mother and baby are in good condition and have recovered, thanks to Bulamu’s partnership with their local maternity facilities.

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Emergency Transportation & C-Section



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