One Surgery Patient’s Story

Like many children in East Africa, John Robert was born at home with the aid of traditional birth attendants.

While skilled in aiding women with uncomplicated, natural deliveries, traditional birth attendants lack formal medical education and training, and are unable to diagnose and treat clinical crises, birth defects, or abnormalities.

When John Robert was born with an umbilical hernia, no one knew what it was, or what to do about it. As John Robert grew, the hernia grew too, causing him pain, and subjecting him to ridicule and isolation in school.

John Robert was a very sad child with few friends. His family didn’t know what to do for him. Then they learned about Bulamu Healthcare, and the Surgery Intensive program at Budaka Health Center IV, where patients could receive surgeries, at no cost.

Through its partnership with the Association of Surgeons of Uganda, John Robert was diagnosed and treated with hernia surgery. Thanks to this low cost (each operation costs Bulamu about $225USD), high impact operation, John Robert is now a very happy child, who loves school, and has lots of friends.

Bulamu is a lifeline for patients like John Robert. When you support Bulamu, you’re a lifeline, too. Please help us help more children like John Robert. Donate now.

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