Partnerships With Purpose

Bulamu Healthcare Collaborates With Mission-Aligned Organizations To Deliver High Quality, Low Cost Services That Change The Lives Of People Living In Poverty

Our Partners

Association of Surgeons of Uganda

With support from the Association of Surgeons of Uganda, Bulamu has conducted 25 Surgery Intensives and treated 10,000+ patients since 2016.

Bulamu Healthcare Health Center Excellence

Bulamu Healthcare Health Center Excellence program is presently implemented in 350+ public health facilities, with integration of select services in all facilities anticipated to begin by year end 2023.

Rotary International

Thanks to grants from Rotary International and Rotary Clubs in Uganda and the U.S., Bulamu is providing essential health equipment, training, and ongoing education to health facilities serving more than 4M people living in rural poverty.

Angel Referral Program

Occasionally a patient presents to a Bulamu Surgical Intensive with a condition beyond it ability to treat. With the support of donors, and in collaboration with Emergency, Bulamu established the Angel Referral Programso that patient in need of a higher level of care are not turned away. In 2023, Bulamu and Emergency helped care for 94 referral patients through the Angel Program.

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