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The problem: Many African public health facilities do not deliver proven standards of care. Shortages of supplies, systems, and training can mean that African patients suffer when the care they need is not available locally.

The opportunity: Many African countries have significant networks of public health facilities. In Uganda, 3,200 health facilities are staffed by tens of thousands of well-trained health workers. However, the health system requires partners to help its staff to deliver high-quality, compassionate care at scale.

Our approach: Bulamu Healthcare supports East African health workers and partner facilities by ensuring they have the training, resources, and systems to deliver life-saving standards of care for patients in need. We focus on treatments and services that licensed doctors, nurses and midwives must provide – from making access to surgery a reality for 11,000 patients and counting, to providing Helping Babies Breathe training as part of our integrated Maternal and Child Health program that saves lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From 2016 to Feb. 2020, Bulamu’s medical camps treated 154,690 patients. From June 2020 through Dec. 2022, Bulamu’s Clinical Support Teams program has treated 160,503 patients.

Since 2016, Bulamu’s surgery programs have now treated more than 11,500 patients free of charge since 2016 (all programs combined).

Bulamu’s surgery program is our main direct treatment program. Our surgery program is conducted in partnership with the Association of Surgeons of Uganda and partner districts that host week-long Surgery Intensive programs at their local community hospitals.

Bulamu’s Angel Program refers patients to Uganda’s leading specialty hospitals, primarily for surgical care. With our coordination and sponsorship, the Angel Program helped 95 children receive outstanding referral care for illnesses including hydrocephalus, ostheomyelitis, and cleft lip in 2022 alone.

Bulamu’s Health Center Excellence program is our health systems program that works through 353 partner public health centers that are operated by 12 partner districts in Uganda. HCE supports our partner facilities through 3 main programs: Maternal and Child Health, Primary Care, and Management Reports.

Bulamu’s partner health facilities treated 4.4 million patient visits in 2022 alone. We estimate that between 2016 and 2022, Bulamu’s work has supported more than 4 million total patient visits, and now continues to support approximately 4 million patient visits per year.

Please contact us at to get involved, make a gift via the Donate link, or share Bulamu’s work with family, friends and beyond! To learn about sponsorship opportunities or current needs, please contact us via the e-mail address or through the contact page. We always need support and volunteers and look forward to hearing from you!

Everything that Bulamu does takes place thanks to dedicated, outstanding Ugandan health workers, leaders, and Bulamu’s full-time team of Ugandan health managers and public health leaders. Bulamu facilitates, while Ugandan colleagues and partners implement all of the work that we do, from treating a surgery patient to ensuring the supplies needed for a C-section are in stock at our partner Health Center IVs.

Combined with our culture of continuous improvement and a focus on providing proven standards of care to rural and underserved patients, Bulamu’s partnerships are the secret to making our high-impact, low-cost transformative work possible.

We recognize and thank Rotary Clubs and Districts in Uganda and the U.S., the Association of Surgeons of Uganda, the Ministry of Health of Uganda, and our partner Local District Governments and the public health facilities they oversee for their partnership and leadership for the work we do together. For Angel Patient referrals, we thank CoRSU Hospital, CURE Hospital Mbale, and EMERGENCY Pediatric Surgical Hospital for their partnership, support, and the care they provide.