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Surgery Programs Restore Hope to Long-Suffering Patients

In East Africa, many patients who need surgery wait years for care – even decades. But it does not have to be this way. Since 2016, Bulamu has organized surgery programs that have directly treated more than 11,000 patients throughout rural Uganda. In 2021, we began a partnership with the Association of Surgeons of Uganda (ASOU). Working jointly with ASOU ever since, Bulamu has treated about 2,500 surgery patients per year. ASOU and Bulamu’s partnership is the most extensive between a non-profit organization and a national association of surgeons in East Africa, perhaps beyond.

After registering patients through their local public health facilities, Bulamu and ASOU’s 50-person surgical team arrives with surgeons, operating teams, equipment, medicines, and supplies, and treats more than 250 surgery patients free of charge over 1 week. Most of the patients treated have waited multiple years for the care we provide because they could not afford the fees charged by hospitals, which usually ranged between 100 and 1000 USD according to a survey of past patients.

Patients who cannot be treated at the local community hospital level are referred to specialty hospitals and supported by Bulamu’s Angel Program.

See the Difference Bulamu is Making.

Selected Surgery Patient Procedures (2020-2022)
Hernia Repairs2,301 Patients Treated
Excisions1,455 Patients Treated
C-sections1,003 Patients Treated
Thyroidectomies283 Patients Treated
Cataract Removal166 patients

Bulamu provides our surgery program care in partnership with the Association of Surgeons of Uganda.

Our Surgery Program’s Impact


Surgery Patients Treated


Average Cost per Surgery Patient Treated


Surgery Patients Bulamu Treated Waited 4+ Years for Treatment

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