Steven Returns to Health and Work

Steven (age 34) suffered from a large lipoma for eight years.

Over time, it had grown so large that he could no longer close his shirt or go to work. He sought treatment from a variety of physicians, who all told him his surgery would cost between 2000 and 4000 USD, which he could not afford.

Steven recalls, “I lost hope and waited till I would die because I could not afford any of these rates. Often, I tied a string around it to avoid discomfort while doing my farming activities.”

Thanks to the Surgery Intensive program held at Mayuge District, Bulamu’s teams were able to remove Steven’s lipoma at no cost to him. Within four months he was fully recovered and found an office job after seven years! This surgery not only treated Steven’s suffering, it helped him better provide for his family with his return to employment.

Steve Before and After

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