Outstanding Public Healthcare for African Patients

High Impact, Low Cost Programs That Scale

Bulamu Healthcare is a lifeline to Ugandans in need and a valued partner to health workers and leaders. Bulamu proudly partners with the Ministry of Health of Uganda to support the delivery of care at 353 public health facilities (11% of public health facilities in Uganda), which serve districts containing 17% of the population of Uganda.

Since 2016, Bulamu has:

  • Helped support safer labors and deliveries for thousands of pregnant women and their babies by increasing access to professional maternity care
  • Provided more than 2000 Emergency Transports for women in distressed labor
  • Ensured that 163 maternity facilities have the supplies, staff, and training to provide C-sections to women in complicated labor
  • Created 4 Newborn Care Units to treat small and sick newborns without delay, reducing the need for mothers to move with their sick babies to more distant and expensive hospitals
  • Trained 100+ midwives and other maternity workers in WHO’s Essential Newborn Care standards of care, including Helping Babies Breathe, resulting in hundreds of newborn lives saved
  • Treated 11,000+ surgery patients, at no cost to them or their families, for about 225 USD per patient. Most surgery patients reported waiting four plus years for treatment, some as many as two decades for the treatments Bulamu provided
  • Facilitated hundreds of referrals for patients to access specialty care at partner hospitals, and paid for costs associated with services

Bulamu improves access to high quality healthcare. We help health workers deliver globally recognized standards of care. Together, we recognize the dignity of each individual patient we serve. Bulamu’s work has gained us national recognition within Uganda. In 2023, Bulamu Healthcare and the Ministry of Health of Uganda and Bulamu signed a new Memorandum of Understanding, with the MOH asking Bulamu expand our work by more than 20% per year for the next 3 years.

Our Impact


Maternity Workers Trained in Essential Newborn Care YTD.


Newborns Resuscitated By Trained Maternity Workers.


Surgeries Provided At No Cost To Patients.


Million Patient Visits Supported.