We Care for Mothers and Newborns in Need

Bulamu Emerges as a Lifeline to Women and Babies.

In Uganda, newborn mortality ranks among the leading causes of death – often as the number 1 cause. According to the WHO, Uganda (along with other sub-Saharan countries) ranks worse than the global average on neonatal mortality, maternal mortality, and under-5 mortality metrics. Beginning in 2021, this led Bulamu to launch our first vertical focus on Maternal and Child Health. Our work has one key goal: to help our partner health facilities and the patients they serve to improve standards of care, working together to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes over time.

Thanks to funding and support from the Rotary Foundation and Rotary Clubs in Uganda and the U.S., in 2023 Bulamu is on track to train more than 70 maternity facility teams in Helping Babies Breathe and other Essential Newborn Care proven to reduce newborn mortality by 47%. This work is impactful and highly scalable, with a cost of less than $5 per birth supported in its first year alone.

Our Impact


Natural Births Supported


C-section Births Supported


Newborns Resuscitated


Emergency Transports Provided

Key Maternal and Child Health Systems We Provide Include

Essential Newborn Care Training

Helping Babies Breathe and Essential Newborn Care training recommended by the WHO. We are training dozens of health facilities this year on these proven standards of care that reduce newborn mortality, with the goal of supporting more than 100,000 births per year at 150+ maternity facilities by the end of 2024.

Emergency Transportation

We provide partner districts’ Emergency Transport coordinators with mobile money that they use to fuel ambulances or hire other emergency transportation for patients in urgent need.

Essential Maternity & Surgical Supplies

We provide the necessary supplies for safe natural deliveries and C-sections, supporting our partner health facilities with operating rooms to treat more than 6,000 surgery patients in 2022 alone.

Maternity Client Treatment Forms

We designed, printed and distributed more than 100,000 individual maternity patient treatment forms in 2022. And in 2023, we are on track to distribute more than 200,000 individual maternity client treatment forms! These forms cover prenatal, delivery, postnatal and family planning care, supporting women and their babies to receive standards of care at all steps of the maternity process. Uganda’s Ministry of Health appreciated the forms so much that we are in discussion with the MOH to use our efficient, low-cost forms nationally.

Maternity and Newborn Care Equipment

Many health facilities are under-equipped in Uganda. Thanks to funding from Rotary Clubs in Uganda and the U.S., we are able to conduct needs assessments and meet the most pressing equipment needs at 70 of our partner maternity facilities in 2023, while working to do more in the years ahead.

Help Reach Our Goal of Supporting 100,000+ Safer Births Per Year!

Standards of care are proven and must be delivered at scale, for women and their families to experience the best possible health. By working with leading Ugandan and American doctors and the dedicated teams at our 163 partner maternity facilities throughout Uganda, we can support delivering standards of care at scale for 100,000 births per year or more from 2024 on.

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