Essential Maternity and Surgical Supplies
Essential Maternity and Surgical Supplies
$24 per Kit

Because the cost of professional maternity care is beyond what most pregnant women living in rural Uganda can afford, many are forced to deliver their babies at home under the care of traditional birthing attendants, or in level III health centers that cannot support surgical deliveries.

When natural births become complicated, women are referred to other facilities for higher levels of care. The time it takes to arrange transportation and to locate a facility with the equipment and supplies to support a surgical delivery place the mother and unborn child in danger, if they can even afford to pay for these services. 

Bulamu believes that every woman deserves access to surgical deliveries should they need them. That’s why we provide our partner maternity hospitals with essential surgical supplies to support safe c-sections, including anesthesia medication, spinal needles to administer it, sutures, cotton gauze, and other necessary supplies. 

If you believe women should have access to safe surgical c-sections, be a lifeline today by donating to Bulamu. Each Essential Maternity and Surgical Supply Kit is $18. Your gift of $900 will support 50 C-sections to women in crisis.

“If it wasn’t for the supplies from Bulamu, I would not be sitting here if we’d let nature take its course. My son wouldn’t be alive. We would be just memories now.”

- Namata