Edward Reaches Care After 2 Years

Date Jul 26, 2023
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Edward Reaches Care After 2 Years

Dear Friends:

When Edward was only two years old, his mother abandoned him at his aunt’s doorway. A note next to him read (in Luganda), “I have gone too broke caring for him. I do not expect to receive anyone’s understanding, I only hope that he survives.” His condition, an abdominal periumbilical abscess, required surgery, but there was no one in his family who could afford his medical care.

Florence, Edward’s aunt, says a local hospital agreed to admit him for the operation he needed at a fee of 1,000,000 Ugandan shillings (about $260).

“I did not have a shilling at the moment,” Florence said. “His father passed away two years ago. I thought about leaving him at a children’s home since I couldn’t afford his care.”

One week later, Bulamu Healthcare conducted a Surgery Intensive in Wakiso District, near where Edward had been left, providing critical care to patients who needed surgery but could not afford it. Bulamu’s surgery teams assessed Edward, admitting and treating him at the Wakiso surgery program at no cost to his family.

Edward’s aunt recalls, “They ran several tests before they admitted us. We were so fortunate that they could take him on. I saw very dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctors for the first time in my life. They went above and beyond and worked tirelessly for a healthy outcome for Edward. I was in my last stages of pregnancy at the time and was also provided care! Now Edward is a very active boy who has his health back and his life ahead of him. Thank you, Bulamu!”

In 2022, Bulamu’s surgery programs directly treated 2,568 surgery patients, while our Essential Maternity and Surgical Supplies program supported surgery for an additional 6,000 patients treated by our partner health facilities.

By removing financial and logistical barriers to accessing care, Bulamu makes a difference in the lives of thousands of Ugandan patients each year. Your past support has been critical to helping patients like Edward and, more broadly, to advancing Bulamu’s mission to treat the sick and strengthen health systems serving Africans most in need. Today, I ask you to consider making a gift to Bulamu by year end. Every gift makes a difference. With your help, Bulamu will continue to save lives and treat patients like Edward so they can live joyful, active lives with their loved ones.

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