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Emergency C-Sections Saving Lives

Like many women in rural Uganda, Evaline expected her baby would be born at home with the care of family and traditional birthing attendants. When she experienced complications in her labor, Evaline and husband were faced with a difficult decision. Having only 80,000 Ugandan shillings in savings, they could not afford emergency transportation and professional maternity care.

Then Bulamu intervened. Bulamu care teams were able to arrange emergency transport for Evaline and her husband to get to Kigandalo Health Center IV. At home “I almost died”, Evaline recalls. “On arrival at the health center, everything went so fast! The team gave me an emergency C-section because of obstructed labor. Every Bulamu nurse on the ground was in my room finding out what needed to be done. It took a few minutes, and then the baby finally let out her first little cry. My heart just melted,” she said.

Evaline was one of the 65 mothers who received free C-sections during our Clinical Support Team program at Kigandalo HC IV. Now 6 months old, both baby and mother are healthy!

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