A Continuum of Care That’s Saving Lives

And Preventing Families for Sliding Into Poverty

Public healthcare in Uganda is not free. Patients are required to pay in advance for services, even emergencies, and are denied treatment if they cannot pay for it, regardless of how urgent or life-threatening their condition.

When Hellen went into preterm labor at home and started hemorrhaging blood, her husband knew they could not rely upon traditional birthing attendants to save her or their child. Despite his fears about what little money they had, the terrified couple went to a local maternity hospital for help.

Midwives at their local facility worked diligently to stop Hellen’s labor, but were unsuccessful. Hellen was referred to another hospital for a higher level of care, but having spent all of their available funds, about 50,000 Ugandan shillings (13.50US), on her care already, they had no way to pay for the transfer, or the care she would need at the next hospital.

Left with no choice, Hellen’s husband told the care team to wait on the transfer while he tried to get a loan to pay for the referral.

Thankfully, members of the Bulamu Healthcare team were onsite. When they learned of Hellen’s condition, they assessed her and determined that she was in obstructed labor, and that without an emergency c-section, she and the baby would likely die.

Bulamu arranged Emergency Transportation for Hellen and got her to its partner facility where she was safely delivered of a beautiful baby boy, all at no cost to the family. “The Jonah we almost lost now brings more light to our home. He is active and with a lot of appetite,” the husband says.

Bulamu is a lifeline to pregnant women in need. The emergency transport and maternal and child health services we provide not only save lives, but help prevent Ugandans from sliding into, or further into, poverty.

When you donate to Bulamu Healthcare, you are a lifeline. 100% of your gift benefits women and babies like Hellen and Johna directly. Please give.

"I wonder where I would be if not assisted by Bulamu Healthcare’s Emergency Transportation program. In labor, I was bleeding too much and thought my next stage was death."

- Hellen, a Maternity client from Malongo, 2021
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