Restoring Hope After 20 Years of Suffering

Bulamu Is a Lifeline to those Who Have Lost Hope

Khadijjah visited many hospitals over 20 years, seeking treatment for a large mass in her neck. Her experience left her vacillating between anger and despair, as time after time she was told alternating stories by doctors; either there was nothing that could be done to alleviate her suffering, or that she could have surgery to remove it…for 600,000 Ugandan shillings ($166.00USD); an amount far beyond what she and her family could afford.

All the while, Khadijja’s growth got larger, her symptoms of shortness of breath and intense pain in her jaw and throat where the mass pushed on her teeth, arteries, and windpipe troubled her endlessly. She began withdrawing from her family, from her work caring for them, and from life. Like many patients Bulamu has cared for, Khadijja had no hope of treatment and was waiting to die. Then she met Bulamu Healthcare, and everything changed.

When she arrived at Budaka Health Center IV, Khadijja was amazed at the care she received. She recalls, “Some [of the staff] felt sympathy and assisted me to carry my bags to the next tents.” In partnership with the Association of Surgeons of Uganda, Bulamu’s care team provided Khadijja surgery that removed the benign mass, and gave her back her life.

Most days, you can now find Khadijja, sitting smiling, under the shade of the tree in her yard, busy doing her house chores and laughing with family. She says she is fit to even ride her bicycle to the well to fetch water, harvest her food and much more! Bulamu is a lifeline to patients like Khadijja. And when you support Bulamu, you are a lifeline, too. Join us in our mission to treat the sick and strengthen health systems for the poor. Give today.

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