When C-Sections Are the Only Hope

Namata received prenatal care during her pregnancy and knew that she suffered from pre-eclampsia, so when her labor started, Namata went to a Health Center III for professional maternity care.

As an experienced mother, Namata knew breathing techniques to aid in her labor, and hoped that this delivery would go smoothly, like her others. Unfortunately, things got complicated due to the pre-eclampsia. Namata’s contractions were too close together and she wasn’t effectively pushing the large baby forward. The longer her labor went on, the weaker Namata grew.

When the midwives at the health center began discussing her need for a C-section, Namata became alarmed. She recalls her mother whispering to her, “Listen, we have to avoid C-sections. We’ve not got enough money for it.” Namata focused her energy and tried to push the baby out, but to no avail.

When Bulamu learned of Namata’s situation, members of our care team were able to arrange emergency transportation for her to get to one of our partner facilities where surgical teams had a fully functional, well stocked operating room and were prepared to care for Namata and her unborn baby. Namata was relieved to learn that, thanks to Bulamu, she would receive these services, at no cost to her and her family, and that she and her baby would live.

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