Rosemary’s Bulamu Revelation

Witnessing Surgical Interventions Unheard of Most Ugandans

Imagine waiting ten years for an end to your suffering. That was Rosemary’s experience until she attended a Surgery Intensive at Mayuge Health Center IV in 2021.

Like so many Bulamu patients, Rosemary and her husband had fallen into despair, fearing they would never be able to afford the surgery she needed to remove her lipoma. The cost? About $200USD. Despite saving, and seeking treatment options where they could, the price of treatment was beyond them. Each day Rosemary became more depressed as her mobility decreased making it painful for her to work and care for her family.

Then she met Bulamu. Surgeons at Mayuge Health Center IV, one of the 354 public health centers that Bulamu partners with, accepted her case and provided her with the miracle she long hoped for. Her Lipoma was removed, at no cost to her, and she regained her life, mobility, and hope for a brighter future.

“Now I really understand what it means to count your blessings. Even during dark times, there is blessing and Bulamu is the blessing I am talking about,” Rosemary said. As Rosemary waited for her appointment during our Surgery Intensive week in November last year, she noticed her case was only a small fraction of what thousands of others had been through. “I couldn’t believe some conditions were managed in Uganda. My husband and I now treasure life in a way we really didn’t before. I try to make every moment count, because I know that it only takes a moment for everything to change even when you can’t afford their pay,” Rosemary concluded.

Rosemary Before and After

"Even during dark times, there is blessing and Bulamu is the blessing I am talking about."

- Rosemary
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