Dr. Lorna Tumwebaze, MBChb

Dr. Lorna Tumwebaze is a medical doctor and public health specialist from Uganda. She is currently working with the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation on the program team, supporting work including HIV and TB campaigns, based in Seattle Washington USA.

Prior to joining the foundation, Lorna provided leadership as the Deputy Executive Director with Partners in Population and Development, an alliance of 27 governments (comprising over 60% of the world population) with Permanent UN observer and Diplomatic status to advance heath diplomacy and South-South Cooperation (SSC) for health and global development.

She has provided successful leadership and technical responsibility for health and social sector programs including control of pandemics and infectious diseases through her work with the public sector (Ministries of Finance and Health), the United Nations (UNFPA, WHO), International Non-Government Organizations (CARE International, Child Fund International, International Youth Foundation, John Hopkins University Health Communications Partnership). Lorna started her career working as an internal medicine physician at Makerere University and Mulago National Teaching and Referral Hospital, as well as a resident physician with the American Embassy in Uganda.

Lorna has worked extensively with many low- and middle-income governments in Sub-Saharan Africa South East Asia, north Africa and the middle east, and Latin America. She received her education from Makerere University’s medical school in Uganda; Boston University School of Public Health; and the Universities of San Francisco and Berkeley, California.