Greg King, MBA

Greg King is an analytic professional who focuses on helping large insurance and financial institutions manage their strategy, structure, and performance through Google’s measurement solutions. He has worked with numerous Fortune 100 companies covering a broad range of topics such as Channel Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Advanced Analytics. Prior to his current role, Greg guided Alphabet/Google Brands (Google, YouTube, Android, Nexus, Nest, etc.) to make better decisions through data analysis. In this role, Greg leveraged proprietary Google data to uncover market-level, product-level, & consumer-level insights to provide strategic recommendations to Brand owners and Media teams.

Greg has earned multiple awards for his work in quantitative regionalized bid strategies, as well as for using Causal Impact to prove online to offline impact. He is a regular speaker for Google on both brand and mobile measurement strategy. Greg graduated with honors from Columbia Business School where his elective work included Applied Regression, Mergers & Acquisitions, Hedge Funds, and Advanced Financial Statement Analysis.