Margaret Paul


Margaret Paul is a mother, a patient, and a long-time supporter of work serving the poor in East Africa. She has survived cancer and maternity care, which required a total of 15 surgeries, giving her a patient’s perspective in reviewing Bulamu’s work and impact. As she raised her children in Bronxville, NY, her health and volunteer experiences led to a long-term interest in improving services for the poor. With her family and friends, Paul helped to develop MainSprings, a school and community development program in Tanzania serving 500 full-time students, plus multiple related programs for the greater community. In 2022, she visited Bulamu’s work in Uganda and immediately appreciated the direct treatment programs and Maternal and Child Health systems that Bulamu provides throughout the country. She lives in Colorado and Mexico with her husband and loves the way Bulamu allows her to bring her many experiences to improving healthcare for the poor in East Africa.