Richard Businge

MCH Program Manager

Richard Businge joined Bulamu’s team in 2023. He holds a Bachelor’s degree of Nursing & PGD in Global Health Policy and has been a leader and technical guide in the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) in Ugandafor more than 10 years. Prior to joining Bulamu, he has provided technical leadership to JHPIEGO, World Vision, Save the Children and TASO. In addition, he has successfully implemented grants funded by Irish AID, Korea, Italy, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Vision, and USAID.

He has earned a successful track record of innovation by sustainably scaling lifesaving RMNCHN interventions across low-resource settings, leading the re-design and functionalization of the Neonatal Care Units in Karamoja, West Nile, and East Central areas at the hospital level, and improving community-led newborn care across these regions. He has improved community systems for equitable access to healthcare across vulnerable communities by deploying results-based design, strategy, and implementation of RMNCH strengthening programs,

Businge is a core member of the Ministry of Health of Uganda’s Newborn Steering Committee, providing region-specific guidance and strategic direction for low-cost, high-impact newborn survival approaches.

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